It is timed test 30 days, I lose all the users that I have created?

Your account will be frozen for others 10 days, if within 10 days will make the payment of your subscription customers who have created. Altrimenti, over 10 days you will lose users.

I registered but can't log on.

Do you received the confirmation of registration email? If you click the link you can get resubmit has arrived “Resend verification email” at the Login page. If the email came you will not have to do is click on the activation link.

It expired subscription, How long do I have to renew before they are deleted my users?

If you forgot to renew your subscription, have time 30 days before the data are deleted.

There are alerts that warn me of expiration?

Yes, we will notify you via e-mail 30 days before, 15 days before and the day of expiration.

I have a gym. I have to buy several individual households for my personal coach?

You can purchase the packages of utilities at a discount from 10 to the 40%. We will think about all utilities activate your gym.


I saw that some subscriptions provide your part importing master data?


For all subscriptions that provide users higher than 10, to facilitate the departure with our application, we assume instantly input all the data of your customers, excluding avatar image. If you intend to use this service FREE, not just payment, contact us at, we will send you an excel sheet, with fields with which to make a simple copy/paste. And even if this method, does not run smoothly, We are available to overcome any obstacle.


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